Chocolate Chatter with Simply Sarah, Blogger in The Lakes


We had the delightful Sarah visit our lovely shop last week to talk all things chocolate. Check out her blog below and be sure to visit her website for more chatter with other local businesses in Bowness and Windermere.


A cocoon of chocolate!

I honestly don’t think it’s possible to pass Huttons Chocolates and not stop to dreamily gaze at their window display! The pretty display of sweet treats makes your mouth water and you just can’t resist going in!

I’m stood inside the chocolate cocoon that is Huttons and silently wondering if I can justify testing everything! In the interest of research of course!

​It’s time to chat chocolate with Kay!

(Between you and me, I’m hoping to be made an honorary tester 😉)

Huttons Chocolates Logo

Tell us the story behind your fabulous shop!

Sarah have you lost weight?!

(I’m not kidding these were the first words from Kay’s mouth! I’m taking that not only as a compliment but also as permission to eat more chocolate – Thank you Kay! 😀)

Anyway, to back to the story…

We wanted the opportunity to run a small family business that would put our catering background to good use and to also involve our love for chocolate.
(A love I share! 😍)

Hutton’s was established in 1901(!) and we took over the shop in 2003 having never been in retail before and ready for a new adventure!

A while later, Stefan decided to take on the role of making the chocolates on a small scale and went on a course to learn! His Mother’s Swiss origins might have had something to do with it! Since then we’ve made our own chocolates.

​We went on to expand the business by introducing our chocolates to local hotels and now we have relationships with over 40 local businesses!

Huttons Chocolate Shop

Where does the magic happen?

We have our own workshop where Stefan works his magic.

​During high season we’re continually producing! We have three tempering machines, one for milk chocolate, one for dark and one for white, and hundreds of moulds!

What’s the customer’s favourite?

Definitely our sticky toffee pudding chocolate! I mean who doesn’t like sticky toffee pudding?!


Sticky Toffee pudding Chocolate

Be honest, do you eat chocolate every day?!

I do!

It’s the question I get asked the most! I never get sick of chocolate and I have some with my morning coffee and afternoon coffee.

Champagne Truffle

What do you like most about working in the Lakes?

It has to be the people.

We meet so many people from different places, and we have a fabulous local following. Our regulars often visit to buy their usual or simply pop in for a natter, we like to catch up with them and give a friendly experience every time they visit. It’s the beauty of independent retailers

Describe your typical day off

My day off involves some work!

I catch up on jobs outside of the shop, I run deliveries to people, just yesterday I was delivering to Grasmere Gingerbread where we supply them with our chocolates.

​I catch up with friends and I love time with my new Granddaughter Primrose! She’s 6 months old and a real little miss sunshine!

View of Lake Windermere from Bowness Bay

And finally, do you need a taste tester?

Kay laughs…

(Obviously she doesn’t realise I’m quite serious!)

You’ll have to join the queue!

​(Apparently it’s a long one!)

Simply sarah Blogger

Did you know?

Huttons can help you with wedding favours for your special day in the Lakes!
Get ordering to spoil your guests!

You have even more excuses to enjoy Huttons Chocolates because they make their own Easter eggs and seasonal novelty items 😁

If you’re not in the Lake District but can’t resist treating yourself, Huttons sell their delicious treats on their website!